About Us

Tessa's Curated Boutique presents quality designs, tasteful 3D printed objects. Tessa Blokland, a design industry expert, former editor Frame Magazine, and relationship manager at Design Academy Eindhoven, curates the Boutique. She hand-picks each one of the select designs offered on the website according to the current themes she chose. Themes can range from conceptual to practical, from whimsical to dramatic and everything in between.

All objects on Tessa's Curated Boutique are offered as a downloadable LEO (limited Edition Object) file or as a ready 3D printed item delivered to your home. LEOs are the best way to fairly compensate designers for their digital designs. LEOs include the designer's instructions so the final product comes out exactly as the designer designed it. They also include the quantity (number of instances) you purchased. The overall cost is lower since the LEO can be printed by the best and most affordable compatible 3D printing service that is close to you. The designer is fairly compensated and you get a high quality design and an object created using cutting edge innovation and technology.

We would love to hear from you, please contact us with your comments, suggestions, and questions.