Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Tessa?

A: Tessa Blokland is a design industry expert, former editor Frame Magazine, and relationship manager at Design Academy Eindhoven. Tessa is also the co-Founder of LEO Lane (formerly Make it LEO), the company that allows designers to protect, preserve, and track their 3D printable design files. Tessa picks each and every design on Tessa’s Curated Boutique.

Q: How is this boutique different?

A: This boutique embodies “less is more” and “quality over quantity”. Its collection is high quality and compact and reflects the refined taste and opinions of Tessa Blokland, the curator. Another way this boutique is different is that all objects in the boutique are offered in 2 forms: digital and physical. The digital items are downloadable LEO (Limited Edition Object) files – see below.  The physical form is the 3D printed object that is produced from the design through compatible service providers and delivered to your door. LEOs are an exciting new form of digital gift-giving, incorporating quality design and cutting edge innovation and technology.  3D printing is priced separately in both cases.


Q: What are LEOs?

A: LEO stands for Limited Edition Object – a way to convert a regular digital design file into a protected and monitored design. LEOs are created and tracked by LEO Lane’s cloud service that preserves the designer’s instructions for producing (3D printing) the object and makes sure they are carried out when the LEO is 3D printed. LEOs also include the number of physical items that can be made from the file (and any copy made of this file – all files originating from a LEO will, together, be able to 3D print the purchased amount). Using LEOs designers can ensure that customers get the high quality item they designed, as they intended it to be. With LEOs designers also know they can be fairly compensated for their design by getting paid for each physical item made from it. Want to make LEOs  from your designs? Go to www.leolane.com for more information and registration.


Q: What is the connection between the boutique and LEO Lane?

A: This boutique is run by LEO Lane. LEO Lane (formerly Make it LEO) provides the technology that produces and tracks LEOs, which are used in the boutique.  Since the boutique is run by LEO Lane, all the billing will also show LEO Lane or Make it LEO (on your credit card statement, for example). In addition, Tessa Blokland is a co-founder of LEO Lane.


Q: How do I get my purchases?

A: There are digital LEOs (downloadable) and physical objects (shipped by 3rd parties) offered at the boutique. The details are in the delivery info page .


Q: What’s included in the quoted price?

A: The quoted price is for the digital design alone. If you want a physical item, the 3D printing price should be added. An estimate of the cost of 3D printing is part of the item explanation but prices vary depending on the provider you choose.


Q: What if I just want the physical object delivered to my door?

A: Click the Print & Ship button and you arrive at a page that lets you choose the printing options (among those allowed by the designer) and enter your shipping information.


Q: Can I 3D print the LEO I bought later on?

A: Of course. The easiest way to do this is to go here and choose among the 3D printing providers compatible with the LEO you bought.


Q: I have a LEO file, what should I do with it?

A: You can save it and also make several copies for backup, if you want. All the copies together will be able to print the number of items you bought in a first come first serve order - so don’t give any copies away unless you want to gift your purchase. When you want to have the physical item produced and delivered go here and drop your LEO file to be 3D printed – you will be prompted to make the choices that the designer left up to you.


Q: What is the certificate for?

A: When you buy a LEO you will be emailed a certificate detailing what you bought etc. If you plan to gift the LEO, you can print the certificate and include it with your gift card or email it to the recipient when you transfer the LEO to him.


Q: Can I buy a gift for someone else on the Boutique?

A: Of course! Just make sure to enter the gift recipient’s name and email as part of the checkout process. You will be prompted for this information as part of the process.


Q: I am a designer myself, how can I submit a digital design to the boutique?

A: All the items in the boutique are hand picked by Tessa. If you want your items to be considered for the boutique,  send a quality image of the 3D printed item and a short description to info@tessapicks.com for consideration. We will contact you with a reply as soon as possible.

Q: What a great concept! I am a wholesaler/web-shop owner and I would love to sell LEOs on my web-shop as well. Is it possible?

A: We think so too. Please contact us at info@leolane.com and we’ll be happy to guide you on selling LEOs on your website, it’s as simple as can be!